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Geese Chasers™ Success: Pheasant Mere

"Since being elected to the Pheasant Mere Home Owners Association board some six years ago I have constantly been battling the Canadian Goose," said Jeff Herdeg, Pheasant Mere Home Owners Association member.

"They would overrun the ponds at the entrance to our neighborhood destroying the grass and making the sidewalks impassable from their waste. It seemed 90% of our annual meetings for the association was spent talking about ways to get rid of the geese and the horrible mess that they leave behind."

The association looked into each clearing method they heard about. "We literally tried everything including spraying grape juice and positioning alligator decoys!"

Ultimately, the association turned to Geese Chasers™. "We finally discovered that the only thing that works consistently is Geese Chasers™. Since they started servicing our neighborhood we've been virtually geese free."

Jeff offers this advice to others with a Canada Goose problem, "to anyone that's fed up with the disgusting mess left behind by Canada Goose I would encourage them to call Geese Chasers™. They're great people to work with and provide an invaluable service to our neighborhood."

— Jeff Herdeg, Home Owners Association, Pheasant Mere Community, NJ