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Our Solution

What Doesn’t Work
There are a handful of “methods” currently used by organizations suffering from "Resident Canada Geese" populations. Only our strategy has proven to be successful long term. Many have tried Dog Cut-Outs, Fake Swans, Flashing Lights and Kites. Others have tried Pop Guns, Noise Makers, Fencing, and Shiny Streamers. Some have even applied chemicals to their lawns resembling “Grape Jelly.” None of these annoyances provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution. Only the use of trained dog handlers and Border Collies will eliminate your Canada Geese problem.

The Geese Chasers™ Solution
Geese Chasers will visit your site multiple times daily during the first several weeks. Each visit reinforces the message of danger to the Canada Geese population onsite.

Once we clear the initial flock we will move into the maintenance phase continuing to monitor and harass new flocks of geese that come to your property. If you feel as if your property needs a clearing we offer ON-CALL for FREE! Within 60 - 90 minutes one of our handlers will be onsite to clear the remaining geese off of your property.

If/when we discover “roosting piles” on your site - we will dispatch one of our handlers to your location after dark to scare the geese off which further persuades them to stay away for longer periods of time.

Amazingly, our Border Collies will never come into contact with the Canada Geese; bringing no harm to them, to children or to anyone present. Our methods are the most humane, reliable and cost-effective way to control geese populations on your property.

Geese Chasers has a history of success for its clients and looks forward to putting its expertise to work for you. We will do whatever it takes to solve your Canada Geese problem.

Border Collies – Bred to Persistently Herd
The Border Collie was bred to gather and control sheep in the steep hilly terrain between Scotland and England. This breed is known for their unlimited amount of energy, stamina and working drive. All of those characteristics combined make this breed the “premier” herding dog.

This breed is said to have a vocabulary upwards of 1,200 - 1,500+ words. In short, scientists believe they have the IQ of a two- to three-year old child. For these dogs, each word can mean a different command. Their intelligence doesn’t stop there. They are one of the only, IF not the ONLY, breed that is able to think on their own and problem solve without their handlers’ commands.

They have a natural ability to stalk and herd livestock. When confronting geese, our Border Collies will crouch, stalk and present a menacing "wolf-like" gaze. This intense “stare” is not only a hallmark of this breed but is what instills incredible fear in the Canada Geese. The Canada Geese will be convinced there is a predator approaching them and that the property is now unsafe for them to graze and take refuge.

These dogs are our own, they live with us as part of our family to ensure that they are fully socialized and can deal with small children and other animals. Feel free to ask our handlers if you can say, “hello!”